The digital me

Up to a very short while ago, there was no such thing as a digital me. On this very first day of the FDOL course, my time spent viewing digital resources and tools have increased by around 6000%. I even shared a youtube clip on facebook and made a comment on a friend’s post, which I normally never do. In my house there are two teenagers who spend plenty of time on the net and two younger kids (8 and 10) who play online games while on skype with their friends. I feel very much like the net-world immigrant I am, uncertain of how to wrestle all these tools and locations. Things I enjoy doing are often slow and physical – in the sense that they involve a physical person or object – like talking to a friend, sewing by hand or cooking, or writing proper letters using a fountain pen. Wildly out of fashion! So, what am I doing here? What occurrence manages to draw me out of the secure crevices of my cave? Well – an incipient hope that there may be a cauldron filled with solid gold coins at the end of the course, of course. Or at least that I will find some tools useful and find pleasure in being able to wield them.


5 thoughts on “The digital me

  1. Hi, Lotta! Have you found some useful tools? I think the learner-teacher community in the FDOL milieu is interesting. It is really flexible and you can learn a lot from others experiences.

    • Just read in a post by Chrissi Nerantzi: “Humans always found fulfilment and happiness in sharing. We still do! Perhaps in the olden days, I call them BC, as in before computers, and especially before social media, sharing was more localised and it was harder to discover fresh ideas that were just born in a little village on the other side of the planet by somebody nobody outside the little village knew.” B.C. – just love that!

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